Updates, Alerts, and Why Twitter Can Work Well for Your Needs

As potential school cancellations approach, we want to make sure that you can be instantly notified no matter where you are of whether or not your Adult education class will be cancelled.  We update people as quickly as we can by
--our www.FCAAE.org website (make sure you refresh the pages every time you visit so that any changes will appear)
--our http://www.facebook.com/FoxChapelAreaAdultEducation Facebook page,
--our phone message system at (412) 696-1410
--KDKA cancellation announcements

However, all of these above methods take time to put in place since Adult Ed has only one actual employee.  Therefore, the FIRST method by which we will alert people will be by Twitter.
To get going, go to the text part of your phone, enter 40404 in the “to” blank, and in the message part, type the words “follow FCAdultEd”. Press “send”, and you will instantly get our alerts.

Why will we go to Twitter first?  Because our Director can “push” the text alert no matter where she is and our students can receive the text alert no matter where they are. 

Here are some common questions about Twitter that should clear up any concerns you might have:

Do I have to have a Twitter account to receive Twitter alerts? 
No.  That used to be the case, but now Twitter changed its methods to “Fast Follow” that makes it easy to follow anyone via SMS, even if you don’t have a Twitter account.  Just as we illustrated above, all you need to do is text the words “follow [username]” to Twitter’s shortcode of 40404. From there, you’ll start receiving all of that user’s updates via text message. Again, our Adult Ed user name is FCAdultEd.

But won’t I get Tweets from people I don’t want?
No.  You can only get other Tweets by having an actual Twitter account that allows you to follow people/organizations or texting "FOLLOW" to other people/organizations.  Again, you no longer need to have a Twitter account and it is certainly OK to follow only one person or one organization.

Will I be charged for text messages?
That is a good question.  Our organization doesn’t charge you, but your phone company may, depending on your text package.  We don’t want to put you in the position of paying for a feature you don’t currently have, so that’s why we have listed all the other ways (website, Facebook, phone) we try to get the word out.

Won’t alert emails work?
Sure. But not everyone will be at a computer, not everyone has a smartphone capable of getting emails, and sometimes emails don’t end up in an In-Box on a reliable basis. We want to make sure as many people as possible get a cancellation message before they set out on the road.

Will I get only Tweets about class cancellations?
No.  We don’t Tweet that often, but we do Tweet the following:

  • Class Registration Open for the Semester
  • Classes Sold Out, Almost Sold Out, Cancelled
  • New Class Opportunities (Usually because a class sold out so quickly that we have found a way to get another class going—and lots of times the NEW class can get sold out within hours)
  • Weather Cancellations

If you find after following us that you do not want to receive Tweets from us, just send a text message to 40404, type the words LEAVE FCADULTED, and our Tweets will end.

Can I Tweet You Back?
No.  But you certainly can phone or leave a message at (412) 696-1410 or email the director@fcaae.org.

Just want to make sure. If I changed my mind and I want to stop following you,   I can do that, right?
Sure.  Send a new text message to 40404, type the words LEAVE FCADULTED, and your phone will never hear from us again.  And you have an online Twitter account, you’ll still get to follow us.