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Spring 2017 Thursday Swim
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Session A: 7:15-7:45 p.m.        
- OR -
Session B: 7:50-8:20 p.m.        
Choose one time slot

MORE WEEKS! Semi-private lessons (max 3) for the adult non-swimmer and beginner swimmer. Receive focused, individual attention. Learn to swim and improve your skills in this small class.
Emily Kayser
9 weeks: March 9 to May 11
No Class: April 13

Fee: $125 resident/$130 non-resident per Session

ADULT LAP SWIM (also offered Saturday and Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings)
8:15 - 9:15 p.m.

Swim laps for exercise, fun, and relaxation. Lane ropes will be in place.
9 weeks: March 9 to May 11
No Class: April 13

Purchase 3 or 4 lap swim days in the same Session and save!
Please specify day(s) selected on registration form
1 day/Session = $50 resident/$60 non-resident
2 days/Session = $100 resident/$110 non-resident
3 days/Session = $120 resident/$130 non-resident (save $30)
4 days/Session = $150 resident/$160 non-resident (save $50)

7:15-8 p.m. 

No swimming skills needed to participate in this fun exercise class. Achieve total body fitness with minimal stress on your joints. 
Ann-Elizabeth Kayser 
9 weeks: March 9 to May 11
No Class: April 13

$54 resident/$64 non-resident

Spring 2017 Thursday Classes

BALANCE TRAINING                                                                 
7-8 p.m.
NEW NIGHT! Good balance is one of the best predictors of long-term health. Join a physical therapist and learn to safely perform and incorporate balance exercises into your day. Receive a customized home balance training program to improve coordination, minimize your risk of injuries during physical activity, and build strength.
3 weeks: March 23 to April 6      
Fee: $30 resident/$35 non-resident                                    

Shannon Young
High School Room 208
Parking: Gate B

7-8:30 p.m.
Create beautiful letters and designs through the art of calligraphy. Lessons will consist of group instruction followed by one-on-one attention. Beginners will receive individual guidance. Experienced students can enhance their style. Bring nothing but yourself; material list will be provided at first class. Class size limited.
6 weeks: March 23 to May 4.
No Class April 13.
Fee: $40 resident/$45 non-resident
Jim Lavrinc
High School Room 241
Parking: Gate B

7-9 pm
Learn from a professionally trained chef how to prepare plant based breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Each week, multiple dishes will be demonstrated and prepared. Enjoy a variety of recipes using foods that are healthy and allergen free. Class size limited.
3 weeks: April 20 to May 4
Fee: $35 resident/$40 non-resident 
Food fee:$25 payable to Chef the first night.                                             
Amanda Burk
High School Room 201
Parking: Gate B

GET TO KNOW YOUR iPHONE                   SORRY both time slots are SOLD OUT!
5:30-6:30 pm–OR–7-8 pm. Select the time that works best for you!

Do you own an Apple iPhone 5 or newer? Do you intend to learn more about your phone but don't have time? Do you need a refresher? Join this semi-private (max 8) hands-on class and learn to do more than make phone calls, send text messages, check email.      
3 weeks: April 6 to April 27
No Class: April 13
Fee: $40 resident/$45 non-resident                                  
Lisa Anselmo
HS Room 210
Parking: Gate B

HANDS IN CLAY                 SORRY - SOLD OUT!                                                       
6-9 p.m.

MORE HOURS! SMALLER CLASS SIZE! Try your hand throwing on the wheel and hand building with clay. Use this small group class (max 15) as studio time or follow projects directed by the teacher. Experiment with surface design and textures. Use glazes to create enduring pieces.
 weeks: March 16 to May 11.
No Class: April 13                           

Fee: $75 resident/$80 non-resident   
Material Fee: $30 payable the first night for 25-lb. bag of clay, glazes, and firings.                                              
Julie Dellert
HS Room 164
Parking: Gate A

PAINTING WITH OILS          ALMOST Sold Out!                             
7-9:30 p.m.

Artists of all levels will enjoy this studio time for painting with oils on stretched canvas. Learn basic color theory, composition, how to choose materials, and what it means to “make a picture.” Materials list will be provided; price range begins at $75 depending on your choices. Class size limited.
8 weeks: March 9 to May 4
No Class: April 13
Fee: $65 resident/$70 non-resident
Martha Ball                                            
High School Room 162
Parking: Gate A

YOGA               ‚Äč
6:45-8:15 p.m.

EARLIER TIME! Suitable for all fitness levels. Learn Kundalini and Hatha Yoga to balance and harmonize your mind, body, and spirit while increasing flexibility and strength. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a towel or mat. Also offered on Monday evenings.
8 weeks: March 16 to May 11                                             
No Class: April 13                                                      
Fee: $55 resident/$60 non-resident
Diane Prem
Hartwood Elementary School Gym, 3730 Saxonburg Blvd, Pittsburgh, 15238
Parking: Front Lot


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