Grade Us, Offer Your Ideas, Teach a Course

Your input and efforts can be vital to keeping our program strong.

Grade Us

The old adage "We can't fix it if we don't know it's broke!" applies to our classrooms.  We pass out evaluations at the end of each of our classes, but many of our students feel the timing or the setting inhibits a good response.  Please feel free to give us your input at any time.

Did you think your course and/or instructor was wonderful?  Email or call 412.696-1410.

Did you think your course and/or instructor needs a constructive critique?  Email or call 412.696-1410.

Do you have an idea for a course? Want to teach?

We love ideas for new courses, and we really appreciate hearing about new teachers, too.  We do need some specifics, and perhaps some of the guidelines below would help:

If you have a course idea...

  • Could you give a title to your class?
  • What, in five sentences or less, is your course description?
  • If you do not view yourself as the instructor, could you tell us who would be a good person to teach your course (contact information greatly appreciated) because finding an instructor is often the hardest part of scheduling the semester.

Would you like to be a class instructor? Great.  Here are some of the things we might need to know...

  • Would you need to set a limit on the number of students attending?  If so, what would be the class size limit?
  • How many weeks should your course run (one night, three weeks, six weeks, eight weeks, etc.) and is there an exact week your class should start?
  • Are there weeks/dates you would not be able to teach the class?
  • What are the best night(s) for your class? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday?
  • Will you need to charge a materials fee?  If so, for what and how much?
  • How long do you think your class should be and what time should the class begin and end?

Whether or not you intend to be the class instructor, please do include the following information so we can get back to you as quickly as possible:

  • Full name
  • Day phone
  • Evening phone
  • Mailing address
  • Email address  

Again, please email your input to:

Thank you.